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Hair Tonic

What exactly are ‘natural’ products for hair care? What does the word ‘natural’ really mean in a shampoo or hair care product? In my opinion, no word is abused more than ‘natural’ in the beauty industry (a close second would … Continue reading

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Hair Shop

Most local businesses have a group of “regulars”, especially when it comes to businesses like Beauty Shops. The nature of this industry is ideal. Hair continues to grow, people continue to need haircuts and it can be a very profitable … Continue reading

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Hair Wax

Most people, especially women, are self-conscious if they have hair that grows excessively on parts of the body where it is not welcome. They will usually attempt to find a way to remove the excessive hair. This desire has encouraged … Continue reading

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Hair Spa

Going to the spa for laser hair removal comes with a number of benefits for those who are ready to get rid of unwanted hair and put a lifetime of shaving and waxing behind them. Think about it for a … Continue reading

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