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Hair Clinic

Hair loss sufferers are always reminded to consult first with a registered Trichologist before undergoing any hair treatment. Many people visit the hair clinic of an expert professional hair and scalp doctor to find out the root cause of their … Continue reading

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Biotin For Hair

Are you one of those who have dull and dry hair, no matter how hard you try to use those hair conditioners you found at the supermarket or probably seen at a TV ad? You may be experiencing a gradual … Continue reading

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Hair Loss Causes

The last thing most young people want is to lose their precious hair. There are various reasons that induce hair loss. Undue stress and unhealthy lifestyles can cause temporary hair loss while taking in some prescripted drugs and chemotherapy can … Continue reading

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Hair Drug Test

The hair drug testing procedure is the most accurate method used to test for drugs. This method is very popular because it can detect an individuals drug history for the past twelve months and it can also determine the level … Continue reading

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Hair Loss Women

There are many female hair loss causes and understanding them is the first step to proper treatment. Loss of hair in women is becoming much more evident these days than it was in the past. In earlier times, you only … Continue reading

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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair has been described as a covering for the body which prevents heat lost in the body or a person’s crowning glory and it is always an integral part of someone’s self image. Hair loss is a very worrying condition … Continue reading

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Remy Hair

With the increasing demand for Remy hair extensions, many women have expressed a desire to buy them. Celebrities with these types of beauty products have significantly increased the popularity of these new modern-day accessories. Reading the many reviews in regards … Continue reading

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