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Permanent Hair Color

The differences between different types of hair coloring products is vast and should be thoroughly understood prior to coloring hair. Permanent, semi permanent, natural semi permanent vegetable are the three main types of hair dyes. Additional products such as henna, … Continue reading

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Hair Dye Colors

If you are looking to change the color of your natural hair, you need to make an educated choice as to which shade to choose. Not every color will work on every skin tone or with every eye color. There … Continue reading

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Virtual Hair

Most women, especially as they move from perimenopause to menopause, notice a difference in their hair. For some women it will become lank and thin and for other women it will closely resemble pubic hair. If your hair curled when … Continue reading

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Hair Coloring

The first colorant properly marketed to public came courtesy of Eugene Schueller in 1909 under the name L’Oreal. It was perfect timing – women were becoming experimental with hairstyles and fashion and were breaking free of the acceptable standards of … Continue reading

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Best Hair Color

There is nothing better than the feeling of walking out of a hair salon knowing that you look and feel you best. Changing your hair color is a great way to give yourself a new and updated look. However, there … Continue reading

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Hair Colour Chart

Colour Trends: Be on trend with this season’s colours, avoid those which make the skin look sallow and are not compatible with skin tone and can be draining and aging such as pastel shades. Eye color is usually a good … Continue reading

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Hair Colours Chart

Flowers are considered to be the bloom thing which makes the person quite happy and at the same time flowers are also measured to be the only thing which also makes the lives of people colourful too. Flowers can be … Continue reading

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