Ipl Hair Removal

If you are interested in permanently relieving your body of unwanted hair, you have probably heard of IPL hair removal and electrolysis. These are often seen as two of the best ways to stop the body from producing hair, especially if you are trying to get rid of hair in unusual places such as the back or thighs.

Electrolysis is the older procedure since it has been in use since the 1800s. IPL hair removal is a newer technology, but it has been around for enough years that doctors and practitioners are comfortable with it safety. There are no real dangers or health threats with either of these choices, so how do you decide what might be right for you?

Understanding Electrolysis

Electrolysis was the first method developed to permanently get rid of body hair. The procedure involves sticking a needle into each individual hair follicle to heat it up to the point it is damaged and won’t produce future new hairs. Just like IPL hair removal treatments, you have to go in for multiple treatments before you can permanently get rid of the hair.

The downside to using electrolysis is time. Since the needle has to be placed in each tiny hair follicle the procedure can stretch on for hours if you are doing larger areas of your body. There may also be more pain involved with this procedure than there would be with a procedure like IPL hair removal.

Understanding IPL Hair Removal

IPL sprays pulsated light across the skin and does not make use of any needles at all. The pulsated light is delivered through a handheld device that can treat larger areas of the skin at one time. Practitioners are trained to determine how much light to put on the skin according to a variety of factors determined on an individual basis.

This means IPL can be a more individualized procedure. It is also a less painful procedure and a much faster procedure. Patients go in for these treatments and head right back out the door to their work or other daily activities.

Making Your Decision

The fact that IPL hair removal can be done in much less time wins many modern patients over. Women just don’t want to spend hours of their time having a needle inserted into every pore of their body. So, they go with the newer technology behind IPL hair removal.

This doesn’t mean that electrolysis is a bad procedure or that it doesn’t work. It is just an outdated procedure. It may have started the movement toward permanent hair removal, but it has been far surpassed by modern day technology.

It is important to see a professional trained in both of these procedures before you make your final decision on what is right for your body. If you have an initial consultation for IPL hair removal or electrolysis you will know whether you are a good candidate for one or both procedures. The practitioner can then give you a recommendation on what they think will work best for your skin and the location of the hair on your body.

For most people, IPL will be the way to go simply because it works better on people with all types of skin coloring and hair.

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The Hair Styler

“If you’re looking for more information on the Yogi Wand Hair Styler then, grab a chair & buckle down, because this is the article that you’ve been looking for.”

We all no the importance of looking & feeling good & if we feel good on the inside then, it usually reflects on how we are on the outside.

From a woman’s point of view having a good hair styler at home, would normally be a must have item & especially for going to work or a night out.

The Yogi Wand Hair Styler is an innovative product which allows you to transform your old look, into something more funky. The hair wand is lightweight & can be applied to any type of hair allowing you to design at totally new look with no hassles. You can walk around your room with it, as it comes with nine feet of cable.

What do you get with the hair wand?

Yogi Wand Hair Styler
Safety Mat
Heat Protective Glove

The hair wand itself has ceramic barrels which enables you to hold the hair in place & has a 360 degrees swivel to allow you to reach the more awkward areas at the back. The hair wand is made from a type of Teflon coating, which makes cleaning the hair wand a good bit easier. The company have your safety in mind & you get protective glove made from cotton & a resting mat, so there is no need to leave it on the dressing table & risk burn marks.

What piece of mind do I get?

You get a quality product, with a cotton safety glove & mat & also the 30 day no quibble money back guarantee with QVC online.

There are various hair styling & straightening products in the marketplace, so there is certainly no shortage of choice. If you want to look & feel good with your hair then, the Yogi Hair Styler should be one of your future considered purchases. The product is currently available to buy at a very keen price from QVC online.

For the latest information on the Yogi Wand Styler visit the QVC Shopping Review.

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Hair Dyes

Regardless of your age, you would love to keep or improve your natural hair color, right? Going with all natural hair dyes is a good start, but what about how to reverse the gray? Is that possible? Imagine your life with silky healthy hair again and not having to continually cover the gray roots. Consider also the possibility of preventing gray in the future. The good news is that you wont have to waste money on shady “snake oil treatments” and “wonder pills”.

First lets talk about some all natural hair dyes that wont damage your hair like harsh chemical dyes. Many of these may be in your kitchen!

Lemon juice and chamomile tea gives natural highlights to blondes and light-haired brunettes.
Cinnamon can brighten red hair
Tea – brown color
Coffee – brown color
Beets – red color
Cranberry Juice – tints hair a reddish color.
Natural Henna – brown color. (Available at most salons and Natural Food Stores)
Black Henna – This is for black hair. It is a mixture of indigo blue dye and brown henna…it mixes up to create black.

Now what about that gray? So many of us would love to break free of the hold hair dyes have on our lives. Here are just a few motivations before we touch on how to reverse the gray hair process.

Repeatedly coloring hair with harmful chemicals, leads to long term health consequences, and has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats!!
You never get a second chance to make a great first impression! When you look your best making a great first impression is guaranteed.
When you look your best, you feel your best and are more confident, have higher self-esteem, are sexier and more attractive.

Here are the four top things you can do to juice up and enliven your natural hair color from the inside out.

1. Attack the Causes. Nutrient lacking diets are the top contributors to signs of aging, like wrinkles and gray hair. Here are some common foods that will help give you a boost of nutrition and soothe your body by creating a alkaline balance in the blood; Organic, Lightly steamed dark leafy veggies such as kale, chard and watercress, root veggies such as turnips, carrots, and beets, and drink caffein free or minimal caffein teas such as peppermint and green teas.
2. Stress will starve your hair follicles because it constricts your circulation and does too many other nasty things to mention. So remember to relax and choose wisely what activities and habits in your lifestyle nourish you and help you feel good about you.
3. Brush your hair twice daily using firm forward and backward strokes with a soft bristle brush. This stimulates and refreshes the blood in your hair follicles, which increase the nutrients that give your natural hair color and shine.
4. Beware of your shower water. Heavy metals and caustic chemicals such as chlorine are common in most tap water for people on municipal city water. Install a inexpensive shower head filter to save your skin and scalp!
5. Bonus tip – Leave raw Organic coconut oil in your hair over night! Its amazing.

These tips and Tricks on all natural hair dyes and how to reverse gray hair should make a noticeable difference in your hairs color, body, and shine within two to three weeks.

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Dream Hair

Who will never love and be proud of thick, long, and healthy hair bouncing and dancing on the shoulders? Even just by this thought, your smile can surely be brought out. But what if you got a long and beautiful hair but you are not blessed with a thick hair just like what you friends have? Would you be forever envious or will you do something just to make your hair thicker, too?

These days, it is not impossible to achieve such kind of hair thickness. There are a lot of ways you can do by yourself in order to come up with your dream hair not minding those expensive hair supplements and procedures. Here, if you really want to make your hair thicker, get yourself ready for these following safe and effective tips:

• Give importance to your diet. The importance of a nutritious diet on the health of the hair is very true. In order for you to get a thicker hair, you need to pay attention to the food you eat and drink. Take diets that are nutrient-full and never skip a single meal.

• Have multi-vitamin intake regularly. Oftentimes, despite the amount of food you take, it just happens that your body still lacks the right amount of vitamins needed for a healthy hair. Once vitamin deficiency happens, bad things happen to the growth of your hair, too. So, in this goal, better take multi-vitamins daily in order for your hair to have all needed vitamins for proper and healthy growth.

• Avoid washing your hair daily. Don’t you know that daily hair washing may lead to a lot of hair breakage? Your hair needs proper amount of oil in order to grow thick and healthy. By washing it regularly, you take away the oils and this can lead to hair thinning.

• Avoid combing your hair when wet. Always remember this, the more you break your hair, the lesser the chance of it to get thicker. So to avoid this, you should in the very first place avoid combing or brushing your hair when wet. The reason is that your hair is more prone to breakage and tangling when it is wet. For you to have thicker hair, better let your hair dry naturally and comb it with wide-toothed comb.

• Massage your scalp. For at least 10 minutes every day, get your scalp massaged. Doing this will ensure your hair to grow thicker and at the same time healthy. As a matter of fact, massaging your scalp promotes healthy head blood circulation thus promoting faster hair growth.

• Avoid applying harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals are what you need to avoid if you really have this goal of thickening your hair. Solutions and chemicals such as these ones more often than not deteriorate your hair’s quality.

There is nothing as good as a naturally healthy and thick hair. So if you are one of the many who dream of this, trust these make your hair thicker tips and surely, your hair won’t be far from perfect sooner or later.

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Black Hair Products

Afro textured hair is quite fragile and sensitive to harsh treatment. That’s why it’s important to treat it well. Natural products can help keep black hair soft and moisturized. Knowing which ingredients to use and which to avoid will help you have healthy hair that will not be prone to breakage.

There are many products that contain synthetic ingredients. These ingredients may make your hair seem healthier temporarily while they damage your tresses.

Petroleum products are found in many hair products, especially products made specifically for black hair. Mineral oil is a petroleum byproduct that is also used in many black hair products. These ingredients are used because they add shine and luster to your tresses making them look like they are well moisturized. In reality though, these ingredients coat the hair and scalp and actually prevent the hair from absorbing moisture. As you use more petroleum products on your hair it will become more and more dry and brittle.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate are foaming agents used in many shampoos. These chemicals create the thick lather we all love to see in our shampoos. It also over strips your lovely locks of healthy natural oils increasing its dryness. You can avoid sulfates by using a sulfate free shampoo. Many of these shampoos won’t lather up like you’re used to, but you don’t really need all that lather to get your hair clean. You can get sulfate free shampoos at your local health food store, online, or at some beauty supply stores.

Isopropyl alcohol is a commonly used ingredient in hair products. This ingredient does no favors for curly hair though because it strips the moisture from the hair making it dry and prone to breakage.

Keeping your tresses moisturized is one of the keys to keeping it healthy. The only thing that can truly moisturize your hair is water. Once your hair is exposed to water you can use an oil on it to seal in that moisture. When you’re looking for a good quality hair moisturizer always look for water as one of the first ingredients. It should also contain natural oils that help seal that water in.

Jojoba oil mimics the properties of the sebum naturally secreted by the scalp. That makes it a great oil to use on your locks.

Coconut oil is the only oil that is actually able to penetrate the hair shaft. It helps strengthen and soften the hair.

Olive oil is full of antioxidants and can help soften your hair. It can be found as an ingredient in some hair products. It’s also found in most kitchens. You can just put some on your hair. I often do this. You can do the same with jojoba and coconut oil.

Other oils you should look for in natural hair products are castor oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. All of these ingredients will help seal in moisture and keep your hair soft and healthy.

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Hair Movie

Black women, are you currently chemically relaxing your hair? Has your hair stopped growing or breaking off? Learn why so many Black women are going the alternative route – NATURAL!

1. Chemicals are harsh to your hair

A chemical relaxer actually breaks down your hair. Although, it may seem that your hair is benefiting from chemical treatments, at the end, it’s slowly destroying it – permanently. Unfortunately, some people NEVER grow their hair back after 15 years of using relaxers. They are now wearing hair pieces or wigs. A good movie to watch, if you haven’t yet, is “Good Hair” by Chris Rock. This movie actually demonstrate the process of chemical relaxers to pop cans. It is an eye opener.

2. There is more versatility

With natural hair, you can actually have straight hair, temporarily for a week or two. Or if you are going to cram for finals, you can always put braids in your hair and leave it in their for a month. Or if you’re looking to style it up, try twists. Or you can do a wash n’ go, an afro or an afro puff. With chemically relaxed hair, it’s a lot harder to pull off these styles because with natural hair the curls mold these styles. With a chemical relaxer, their is no curl to mold and hold these styles in place.

3. An opportunity to embrace your roots – no pun intended

This is a time to pamper the hair you were born with. And it gives you a chance to try new looks. Natural hair is beautiful hair. Black hair is usually done by family or friends creating an amiable atmosphere, almost like a social event to strengthen the bond of black women. Natural hair styling has always been passed on from the mother to her children.

4. An opportunity to create a work of art

If you’ve ever looked at photos from Africa, you will see lots of different natural hair styles. Many of these hair styles are representative of something else. If you’ve ever gone to a natural hair show, you will see the many different and beautiful styles that are exhibited. Almost like an art exhibit, the person and the hair itself, is put on display, dangling with different jewels and accessories. It’s a beautiful thing.

5. An opportunity to embrace your natural beauty

God created us in a certain way. God is love and love is beautiful. You are beautiful. You’re hair is beautiful. You are a queen and you deserve to embrace, design and accessorize the one thing that God has given you – your natural beauty – your natural hair.

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Hair Transplant Cost

Many women and men suffer from hair loss and consider hair transplant cost as a way to remedy their balding and thinning hair. More than ever before, baldness has become extremely prevalent as all the baby boomers begin to age. Though once thought to be an old man’s problem, baldness and hair thinning is now being seen in young men and women as early as their 20s.

Simply put the most common reasons for baldness and thinning of hair is poor nutrition from eating unhealthy diets and stress. While it might seem easier to have a simple hair transplant cost can be a huge factor in making you take a more natural approach to reversing your symptoms and begin hair restoration and rejuvenation by other more natural methods.

Because stress is so prevalent in our society today, it plays such a major role in throwing off the hormone levels of both men and women. Once the levels of hormones become imbalanced, both men and women produce an excessive amount of testosterone.

This extra testosterone then binds with another hormone called 5-alpha reductase. The combination of these two hormones then forms dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) then becomes bound to the hair follicles and the roots at the base of the hair strand, forcing the follicle to stop producing hair.

While stress is one of the major factors of producing DHT, so is eating an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. By changing your eating habits to a more healthy diet you can effectively rebalance your hormone levels and diminish the production of DHT. This will automatically stop the binding of that hormone to your hair follicles and hair restoration should automatically begin.

The time is of the essence when starting a natural treatment of reducing stress and changing your diet to eliminate hair loss. Because the longer you wait after discovering you are losing your hair, the hair follicle may become dormant permanently, never to produce a strand of hair in that follicle again. Waiting too long to reverse hair loss may leave you with no other option except a hair transplant, no matter what the cost.

Determining a specific path to restore your hair should not just solely rely on hair transplant costs. Finding ways of balancing your hormones through all-natural herbal supplements, anti-hair loss shampoos and over-the-counter medicated hair rejuvenation systems, such as Rogaine, should be your first line of defense. Only after you have exhausted all the options of a natural and medicated way of rejuvenating your hair loss, should you consider hair transplant costs.

Are you losing hair or want to avoid hair loss?

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