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As well as genetic tests and ultrasound scans, there are many less conventional approaches for estimating infant gender:

• Needle or Wedding ring Test
• Drano Test
• The Intelligender Gender Test
• Chinese Gender Calendar
• Woman’s Intuition

Forecasting Baby Sex – Needle or Wedding Band Test

Attach a strand of hair or a piece of thread to a needle or wedding ring for guessing newborn gender. Hold the needle or ring over the expecting woman’s stomach while she is lying down. When the needle or ring swings in a strong circle, it’s a girl. If it swings from side to side just like a pendulum, it’s a boy. As an alternative, you can dangle the needle or ring over the pregnant mom’s wrist.
Please note: even though this is a playful test, it’s not 100% accurate as a direct consequence of human error from subliminal finger movements.

Forecasting Baby Sex – Drano Test

How to perform the Drano Test for estimating newborn sex:

You will need two tablespoons of Crystal Drano (not the liquid), rubber gloves, a disposable glass jar, safety glasses and an outside work space. First, acquire a fresh urine sample (2 to 3 oz) whenever you awaken in the morning. Second, pour the Drano into the disposable glass jar. Add the same amount of urine. Wait about 10 seconds. Forecasting newborn gender outcomes: when the mix becomes a dark brownish color within 10 seconds, it’s a boy. If it does absolutely nothing for more than 10-15 seconds, it is a girl.

Alert: This test is harmful for a pregnant woman to conduct for guessing newborn sex due to the toxic smells. It performs best right after 4 months pregnant. In spite of this, it isn’t the time to be exposing your self to potentially harmful smells. Instead of putting yourself at risk, consider a commercial item that works the same way without becoming harmful. The Intelligender Gender Test is an example of a commercial product obtainable.

Note: although the Drano Test is one more enjoyable experiment to do, the outcomes are open to interpretation and the test might be unsafe.

Forecasting Baby Sex – The Intelligender Gender Test

The Intelligender Gender Test also uses your morning urine for guessing baby sex, which is contained in a re-sealing container. When the urine meets the crystals, a chemical reaction will happen. Swirl the concoction around for a couple of seconds then place on a level surface for about 10 seconds. An orange colour equals a girl. A murky greenish colour equates to a boy. The test claims to be 90% accurate and you are able to use it as early as 10 weeks. Not merely is the test risk-free, you do not come into contact with a smelly, potentially toxic substance.

Forecasting Baby Sex – Chinese Gender Calendar for Chinese Gender Prediction

The Chinese gender calendar, rumored to have been discovered 700 years ago in an ancient royal tomb near Beijing, China, is employed for Chinese gender prediction. Many say the Chinese gender calendar is over 90% accurate. You will find a lot of different charts accessible on the web; as a result, it can be easy to obtain an inaccurate result. One Chinese gender calendar can say that you’re having a boy and the other can say the opposite.

Note: the Chinese gender calendar just isn’t dependant on science. Strangely, the Chinese gender prediction is based on the mother’s age along with the month of conception. How a woman’s age has anything to do with ovulation and predicting newborn gender seems unusual.

Forecasting Baby Sex – Woman’s Intuition for Estimating Newborn Sex

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