Ipl Hair Removal

If you are interested in permanently relieving your body of unwanted hair, you have probably heard of IPL hair removal and electrolysis. These are often seen as two of the best ways to stop the body from producing hair, especially if you are trying to get rid of hair in unusual places such as the back or thighs.

Electrolysis is the older procedure since it has been in use since the 1800s. IPL hair removal is a newer technology, but it has been around for enough years that doctors and practitioners are comfortable with it safety. There are no real dangers or health threats with either of these choices, so how do you decide what might be right for you?

Understanding Electrolysis

Electrolysis was the first method developed to permanently get rid of body hair. The procedure involves sticking a needle into each individual hair follicle to heat it up to the point it is damaged and won’t produce future new hairs. Just like IPL hair removal treatments, you have to go in for multiple treatments before you can permanently get rid of the hair.

The downside to using electrolysis is time. Since the needle has to be placed in each tiny hair follicle the procedure can stretch on for hours if you are doing larger areas of your body. There may also be more pain involved with this procedure than there would be with a procedure like IPL hair removal.

Understanding IPL Hair Removal

IPL sprays pulsated light across the skin and does not make use of any needles at all. The pulsated light is delivered through a handheld device that can treat larger areas of the skin at one time. Practitioners are trained to determine how much light to put on the skin according to a variety of factors determined on an individual basis.

This means IPL can be a more individualized procedure. It is also a less painful procedure and a much faster procedure. Patients go in for these treatments and head right back out the door to their work or other daily activities.

Making Your Decision

The fact that IPL hair removal can be done in much less time wins many modern patients over. Women just don’t want to spend hours of their time having a needle inserted into every pore of their body. So, they go with the newer technology behind IPL hair removal.

This doesn’t mean that electrolysis is a bad procedure or that it doesn’t work. It is just an outdated procedure. It may have started the movement toward permanent hair removal, but it has been far surpassed by modern day technology.

It is important to see a professional trained in both of these procedures before you make your final decision on what is right for your body. If you have an initial consultation for IPL hair removal or electrolysis you will know whether you are a good candidate for one or both procedures. The practitioner can then give you a recommendation on what they think will work best for your skin and the location of the hair on your body.

For most people, IPL will be the way to go simply because it works better on people with all types of skin coloring and hair.

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