Electrolysis Hair Removal

Hair Electrolysis is a treatment used for long term hair removal. We all have hair that grows in undesirable places. Manual removal can be a drawn out and tiresome task and of course is not permanent, this is why more and more people are looking for longer term semi permanent and permanent removal.

The procedure itself requires a tiny needle to be inserted in every follicle for around a minute; the initial treatment can take quite a long time. A small electric current is then transmitted through to the root burning it. Once the follicle has been burned it is unlikely that it will produce additional growth again.

Such removal is big business across the US and the Western world, with many companies offering this service. This Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve this method and have labelled it to be permanent hair removal. This is more desirable than laser hair removal that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only labelled as permanent hair reduction.

However there are not any specific licensing laws at the moment, so finding a reputable, professional technician to apply the treatments can be challenging. Usually individuals seeking electrolysis treatments should first look for recommendations from friends of family. Picking the right technician should be a well considered and careful decision.

If you are thinking about applying this treatment to yourself then you will need to buy a machine. This removal technique is definitely something that can be done at home, but it must be something taken seriously and done carefully. Misuse of the machines can lead to undesirable outcomes such as burns as well as permanent skin damage. Many professionals would strongly advise against attempting this yourself.

Hair Electrolysis is preferred as a hair removal procedure over laser hair removal because of specific facts about each. For instance, the laser used for this hair removal targets melanin. Melanin is found in dark hair and dark skin. So the only people who find great results are people with light skin and dark unwanted hair. Where hair electrolysis is good for any skin and hair types.

Electrolysis has gained media attention over the past few years, but using this method dates back to the Nineteenth Century, originally used as a way of taking out in growing eyelashes. It was invented by an eye doctor named Dr Charles Michael in the US. Since its advent the procedure has been perfected and simplified.

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