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It’s all about personal preference when a woman decides to invest in a human hair weave. Countless debates are written on the concept of devices that alter ones own natural beauty. Breast augmentation, lower body parts augmentations, injections of poisons into their faces, teeth whitenings and caps, nose jobs, eye brow plucking, lip injections, make-up, hair coloring and the list goes on of the numerous things one can have done to oneself in order to alter ones look.

What reason would a person have to want to go through such lengths? Is it to attract the attention of another person, to build self esteem or to fit in to society’s concept of beauty? If people were not constantly bombarded with magazine ads displaying faces of those whom we’re told are the beautiful people in them or besieged with movie and television story lines that describe for us what is beautiful and what is ugly would we instinctively know what makes someone beautiful?

The basic instinct of most species is for the male to go to great lengths to attract the female. The male peacock spreads its colorful feathers and performs a dance. The male lion wears a head full of hair for its mane. The male black widow spider well we won’t go into what he has to do to get a female black widow spider to lay down with him and live to wake up the next day.

But the human species seems to have it backwards. The female of our species rush out to alter themselves based on ideas of what is beauty so that they might attract a male and procreate. They’re told long hair promotes femininity and sensuality so they get weaves and extensions to attract a man. They’re told an hourglass figure promotes the idea of a fertile woman for men and a woman who can bare child birth and rearing so they get breast implants to alter their figures. They’re told bad breath is offensive so they brush their teeth. Seriously though, there’s a reason we have several salons in towns offering hair weaving and extension stylists.

Women want to feel and look beautiful. Women want to recapture their youth. Women want the glamour that they think long locks will bring them. If the attaching of another human’s filamentous outgrowth of dead cells from the skin to your cranium helps a woman express self confidence then more power to her.

Wearing the illusion and creating a different style for only a special occasion or every so often time period isn’t as satisfying as trying to carry off a persona not her own for up to two months or a year. Frequent visits to the salon become her sanctuary from the dullness of every day life her gossip connections and female bonding times. Despite the damage falsifying her hair can do to her emotional psyche, actual hair texture and growth, and potential hazardous health problems a woman wants men to think she’s sexy and exciting.

The irony about presenting herself as something other than what she truly is comes when men find this out and feel deceived. They imagined being able to caress those long silky locks, run their fingers through them, smell the fragrant aroma of clean and healthy hair. But instead their hands are slapped away. They’re told don’t touch. They wind up spending time distracting themselves with other interests, instead of her, waiting for her to return from an emergency visit to the salon to adjust the hairdo.

And in the end of this investment into the world of having a human hair weave the woman will come away with less than she anticipated. Her natural hair line will have receded and thinned. Bald patches, split ends and breakage will have replaced natural hair that could have been conditioned to be luscious and beautiful. And the man she sought to attract will have been lured away by another woman who could afford an even more natural looking weave than hers.

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