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Unwanted hair is a major problem for people all around the world. If you are a female it can not only be embarrassing but devastating. When I was growing up I was constantly called Big Foot and Gorilla girl. I personally did not think I had a problem with unwanted hair, but eventually came to the realization that I was suffering from unwanted facial hair.

My mother and both of my sisters also suffer from unusual body hair. I believe that the unwanted hair is caused by genetics. When I was 15 I first started shaving my facial hair. This helped but not long after I had to shave my face almost every day because the hair would grow back thick and dark. Facial hair removing can be very tricky. I have tried waxing, shaving, no no hair removal, laser treatments and many more products.

Waxing works of course but is very painful. It always leaves my lip red and swollen for two to three days. I would prefer waxing to shaving. Shaving is very temporary and only leaves the illusion that the hair is gone. In reality it is just cutting 90% of the hair and leaving a tip that leaves the illusion that you have dark lip or facial hair. This leaves the unwanted facial hair looking darker, but in reality it is really gone.

Your best choice to fix this would be heat or laser treatment. Laser treatment will remove the hair and also kill the root. This is good because the facial hair will stay away for weeks. Everybody reacts different to different hair removal treatments. Most people see good success and improvement after some sort of laser hair removal treatment.

You can use different products. There are many different products listed on Amazon that are related to hair removal. The price can vary and depends on what type of system you are looking for. The product you want to buy will also vary depending upon how severe your unwanted body hair is.

If you have severe unwanted body hair you may consider treatment from a Doctor. If you want to be private and use an in home solution you can try the No No hair remover. This works great for removing unwanted hair. There is also the DM2000-DM5000 which is sold at Amazon. This is a professional solution and can help out dramatically.

To sum up this article there are many different ways to remove your unwanted body and facial hair. These include creams, electrolysis, waxing, shaving, laser treatments and many more. What has worked best for me is a hair removal cream mixed with the No No Painless Hair Removal System. After about 3 weeks my unwanted hair has become unnoticeable and has helped boost my self confidence a bunch.

Without this system I would not have gotten through college. With all the bullying and teasing I almost didn’t go to college. After boosting my confidence and removing my unwanted hair I feel 100% better about myself and continue to look better every day.

My name is Michele Adams. I love to write about health, hair, fashion, and more. I wrote this article today to share my knowledge on hairremoval. I have dealt with unwanted hair all of my life. For more information visit – Painless Hair Removal

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