Braided Hair Styles

Making the micro braided hair styles requires a lot of time. This has not deterred it from been the one of the most popular styles though. It involves making a large number of individual braids as a result of small amount of hair been made into narrow braid strands.

To be able to do this hair style you must make sure your hair is in top conditions. Although this style may make your hair look delicate and attractive it is not good for delicate hair in itself. You must take these into consideration before you do your hair as you may end up damaging it.

The first thing you must do is to get your hair in a moist state. You can do this by applying the hot oil treatment. You must also wash and condition the hair properly before braiding.

Having the perfect hair length will make this style both attractive and healthy. The shoulder length is the perfect place as shorter ones wouldn’t be as attractive as you may want. Longer ones may also damage your hair roots and increase the time length as well.

Making the style at shoulder length has other benefits as well. You can collect finished strands and make them into ponytails. You can create complex designs from it as well by weaving together groups of micro braids.

With some colored braids and some beads at the end of the braid you can change your look and make it more enhanced for you.

Whenever you grow tired of the micro braid style, you can take it down and make a new style easily afterward.

No matter what your desire and intentions are you can look like any star you want. You can also be made to stand out in a crowd and be different.

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