Hair Trends 2011

Hair has always been one of the important elements which add to our physical beauty. Long or short, curly, waved or straight, it does not really matter that much, as long as it healthy, shiny and resistant. Every once in a while though, we just might feel tempted to play a bit with its looks whilst experimenting the latest trends in the industry. But in order for us to be able to do so it is essential that we should take a complete tour and explore the options the gurus in the field make available for us.

When thinking about adopting a new fashionable haircut, the first thing which comes to our mind is length. As it happens in most cases, radical changes, like going from a long hair to a shorter one, may be difficult and consequently a middle way is preferred. Well, that will not be an option in 2011 as everything related to hair tends to be approached in an extreme way this year.

Thus, a long hair should be let grown and become even longer, whereas a short hair should be made even shorter. In the case of a long hair, all styling tools should be left aside and let room for a natural look of the hair, no matter if it is straight or curly. Completed with a middle parting, this will certainly ensure you a hot, effortlessly gained look. As for the extremely short hair, they say it is the hairstyle created especially for daring women. It fits all types of hair, but it is said to produce an amazing effect especially on curly and blond hair.

Besides for the above mentioned trends, there is yet another one to be considered when choosing a new look for our hair. The bob hair style comes in two variants: the layered short bob, described as the ultimate trend for 2011 and, for those less willing to experiment such a radical change, there is always its longer version. The best thing about the two is that their styling is not difficult at all, are practical and suited for every face shape, characteristics which make them perfect for all sorts of occasions.

No matter the hair styles we choose though, there is one important detail we should pay attention to: the hair stylist. As we know, the hair cut we have seen looking so great in a magazine’s picture may not look so amazing on us if the one entrusted to provide it for us does not really know what they are doing there. The best way of avoiding such situations is by going to a professional salon.

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