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Most women, especially as they move from perimenopause to menopause, notice a difference in their hair. For some women it will become lank and thin and for other women it will closely resemble pubic hair.

If your hair curled when you were younger (and you probably hated it!), it usually becomes straight. If it was straight, the reverse may happen.

Hair problems are really the icing on the cake when you consider the body changes, the changed appearance of your skin, the disappearance of your face and a myriad other disconcerting ‘happenings’.

It appears that the easiest solution is to have your hair cut short. This may not suit you and you will find it can be very boring! Although maintenance is a breeze…

Shoulder-length hair is a great option for you if you are in your fifties. It is versatile (you can wear it up, down, or tied back). Add some wave or curl with heated rollers or even ordinary rollers. Try a straight-iron for the really flat look so fashionable nowadays.

Layers always work well as your face matures and are very flattering around your face. Or you can wear your hair all one length with under- layers added to provide fullness. This looks great dried under.

Don’t have your hair over styled; it can be very aging. And if you have short hair, avoid the spiky look; it doesn’t work if your jaw-line is less than perfect. Try an online virtual hair stylist. There are plenty on the internet – load your photo and have fun trying different colours and styles. When you find what you like, download the photo and take in to your stylist.

Most women will decide to opt for a lighter colour when they first spot some grey hair, and this is the way to go for many because if it suits you, it can take years off you. But in some instances you may be better to have in your hair and create a darker look. Block  can be harsh and very unforgiving. Where possible, go for foils as either highlights.

The trend seems to be to cut women’s hair if they are 60 or older. Short hairstyles work but you really have to be careful if you have jowls or a double chin; short hair will expose any defects in what many no longer be a perfect jaw-line.

Silver hair can look stunning and can also be very sexy. Going blonde is a good option at this age because your hair is probably a lot more grey. It becomes more natural to move into an ash blonde which is as soft as grey but more exciting.

Not every woman wants to become a blonde just as every woman chooses not to embrace grey hair. Blonde hair doesn’t complement all skin tones. Naturally dark-haired women may be better to use a dark base colour with highlights of different degrees.

Avoid Old Lady Salons where they perm your hair or roller it and send you home wearing a cap so hard you could use it as a crash helmet. Research other, ‘younger’ salons and see what they can offer you.

Long hair works at this age provided you do not wear it past your shoulders. Wear it pulled back or in a chignon for that touch of class.

A woman “of a certain age”, my aim is to help other woman work through what can be their greatest challenge – the physical and mental changes that may occur at menopause.

I am a stylist, a voice coach and a writer. I love what I do and am always excited by the growth I help foster. My first book is about to come out and I have my own blog, twitter, etc. So much technology!

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