Red Hair Colors

Why not try it! The truth is that there are so many different shades of red available, ranging from the fun bright crimsons to the subtle dark auburn highlights that there is sure to be something that would suit.

Before you rush out and buy your hair dye, however, here are a few tips that may make your new red-hair experience go a little better.

First of all, do not go by the color of hair the girl on the box is sporting, it usually does not accurately depict the shade of dye. Instead turn the box around and read the description and check out the sample hair color chart. If you are not sure what “dark strawberry blond” or “light strawberry blond” mean, take a lot at some sites online to get an idea of the different shades of red hair color.

Even then, the outcome of your dyeing experience may not be exactly as you think. Other things affect the final color too, such as whether your hair has been dyed previously, perhaps it was bleached in the sun or you have been swimming a lot and the chlorine has affected your hair.

If you want to see if it the color you choose works for you in reality, one tip is to just streak or highlight your hair, and see how that turns out. Another idea is to use a semi-permanent dye. If the color is not what you were expecting you can actually wash it out providing you get to it within the first 48 hours. Of course, it might take a few washes to get it all out, but washing it will definitely reduce the brightness of the color.

If you have experimented with your hair in the past, you may be better off to go to an actual hairdressing salon and have them dye your hair for you. It costs a little more, of course, but the advantage is that they know all about hair, dyes, and what does and does not work, as well as what is good for your hair.

Whatever you decide to do, go ahead and have fun as a redhead. Change your style of clothing, adjust your makeup and become a new person.

Marie West, a work at home mom, keeps busy with two small children and a budding writing business. For more on how to successfully live and manage a home and yourself looking great, check out her latest tips on red hair colors and the best makeup to wear with hair color red, or auburn.

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