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Hair Metal was a craze. A strong craze. But even its most faithful fans could not have ever projected that the genre to sustain the chart-topping status it held in the 80’s.

We all know that too much of anything can be bad, and man was that true of LA hair bands. But hair band rock was identified with and was an integral part of the 80’s. So much so, that even the biggest and best of them couldn’t make the grade into 90’s music. The association of the music and the 80’s was just too strong.

But we’re in 2011 now, and those two decades are past. Heck, even a third decade is under our belt. So who will stand the test of time through the retro years. Hair metal or grunge rock. It’s the battle of the century for hard rock fans and it’s being fought in the arena of retro music. Who can persist and stay in our culture? Perhaps the answer can be found simply by looking at the concert calendar of any town in the world.

If we do that, we’ll see that hair metal reigns supreme. There’s just more entertainment value from 80’s performers. And if you want to look at this clinically, the simplified truth of the matter is that hair metal musicians were much more serious musicians. It was the decade of guitar heroes and rock legends. Grunge was a more basic and primal form of composition. And while topical enough to tap into mainstream music, grunge seemed to skip across the top of the mass market, like a rock skipping on water. And then, like that rock, it just sank.

I don’t want to get too deep into it, but just look at song sales and touring bands. The proof is in the pudding and apparently, people like hair metal (despite the spandex and aqua-net) more than they like grunge.

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