Cutting Hair Games

There’s really nothing to cutting short hair. If you’ve ever groomed your dog in the summer to get all the heavy coat off of him, you can easily do this. Even if you’ve never picked up a set of clippers before, you will be able to cut short hair.

You can go to just about any drug or discount store and find a decent set of hair clippers, they don’t need to be expensive to do a good job cutting short hair. You would also be ahead of the game if you buy a set of plastic cutting guides, also called guards, to fit your model of clippers. These will explained shortly. You probably already have brushes and combs, but might want to get one more item. It’s called a trim comb and is used to trim the neck. You may have to find a beauty supply house for this.

Now it’s just a matter of finding a good place to work at home. Some people do this in their garages due to the inevitable mess of cutting short hair. Some do it on their back porches or patios. And some just bite the bullet and work inside where there is tile or vinyl on the floor and prepare to just clean up afterward. Weather can be a factor in this decision.

If the hair is to be cut to one length, this will be done very easily. Just pick the length you want the finished hair to be from the set of guards you bought. They work just like setting the height adjustment on your lawnmower for a smooth finish. They ride along the top of the scalp as you push the clippers along. They make cutting short hair very quick and easy. Snap one onto the clippers and you’re ready to start cutting short hair.

Find a stool that will be a comfortable height for you to work once the person sits down. Have them sit and put a sheet or other protective cloth around them and turn on the clippers. Starting at the side of the head near the face, place the clipper guard at the bottom of the hairline and work to the top of the head. Make sure the guard is flat against the scalp at all times to ensure a smooth cut. Once you’ve made a pass, move over and make another. Keep doing this until you’ve trimmed all the way around the head. If certain places look uneven, make more passes with the clippers going through the area from different angles until it looks even.

At this point, you could change guards if you want the hair on the side of the head to be a different length, but you don’t have to. Nowadays it seems like a lot of younger boys in particular like one short length all over.

Just like the top, keep making consecutive passes with the clippers until you’ve completed clipping the entire top of the head. Once again, you might want to make a few passes from other angles just so you know it’s all cut to the same length.

Now you can use your clippers, a pair of scissors or a tiny set of clippers to finish up your job of cutting short hair. The tiny clippers sometimes referred to a Peanut clipper are very inexpensive and do a great job getting into tight places. The trim comb has a razor blade inside but is very safe to use. It is best used on the neck by setting the blade on the hairline and pulling downward. Repeated passes are made to clean up the hairline and neck area.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first haircut cutting short hair. It took only minutes and looks just great.

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