Short Curly Hair

Curly hair is one style that seldom goes out of fashion. It looks great on a wide variety of face structures and adds a definite feminine softness to your personality, especially if you have short hair. Short hair, in fact, respond very well to curling. You can use anything from a curling iron, hot curlers or even a blow dryer to get curls. In this article, I will focus on how to curl short hair with a curling iron.

Curling iron is sometimes also called ‘curling tons’. It is used to create waves and curls in hair. There are a wide variety of curling irons available in the market today, varying by diameter, handle, material and shape of the barrel. If you want to curl short hair, I recommend going with an iron that has a small barrel. Construction material varies by brand as well as price, and ranges from Teflon and ceramic to metals like titanium.

Curling short hair is difficult because for an ideal curl, the hair needs to wrap around the iron at least two times. If your hair is shorter than this, you will find that the iron can at most give you a bend, not a curl (which, nevertheless, looks quite attractive). The shorter your hair, the smaller the barrel of the curling iron should be.

To curl short hair, start off from the front of your head, separating your hair into ‘sections’. The sections shouldn’t be more than 1 inch wide, though this will vary with the length of your hair. To effectively curl very short hair, you will need to take sections that are less than 1/2 inch wide. As a rule of the thumb, keep your sections smaller than the barrel of your curling iron.

Now take the hair in a ‘section’ and curl it around the iron. If you want wider curls, take wider sections. Inversely, for smaller curls, use smaller hair sections. Slowly work your way around the head, starting from the front, going all the way back, and finally doing the top. This is a time consuming process, especially if you have very short hair.

Once you’re done with the curling, use your fingers to loosen out the curls. This will separate the curls and give your hair more “breathing” room. It will also help give your curls some bounce. Once done, use a soft brush to gently brush the curls and give it the final touches.

Finally, add your favorite styling product, or just go natural for an even better effect. Curls like these look wonderful on short hair and add a certain youthfulness to your face.

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