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There are many female hair loss causes and understanding them is the first step to proper treatment. Loss of hair in women is becoming much more evident these days than it was in the past. In earlier times, you only found thinning hair in the elderly. Doctors considered it was both expected and accepted as a part of the aging process.

However, with women from 20 to 60 beginning to notice they are suffering from excessive hair shedding it rings a bell of alarm to doctors of today. When speaking with young ladies about possibilities of female baldness, no one at these ages want to believe they could have thinning or patchy hair while still relatively young.

Unfortunately, physicians have begun to realize there are lot of causes of female hair loss. More and more alopecia, a prevalent medical condition for loss of hair, is being diagnosed and a causes of hair thinning can only be treated by a physician with knowledge in the field.

Diet and Food

Dietary deficiencies are becoming more and more wide spread as people are drawn to fast food or food that is full of sugar, salt and preservatives instead of eating healthy with fruits and vegetables. Protein, iron and vitamin B are important parts of the diet that can aid healthy hair growth.

Another major female hair loss cause is the side effects from medication. People who are obese and those with diabetes. It is not unusual to see these people with thinning hair due to both the drugs the diabetics take and the diet of the person who is obese. These causes of female hair thinning can be treated with a correction in the diet and the use of a laser comb or Rogaine for women.

Autoimmune Disorder

Disease is a cause of hair shedding. One type of loss results from an autoimmune disorder is called alopecia areata. This form of alopecia can even spread to the eyebrows and loss of body hair. The cause of this is partly genetics. Beside dietary deficiencies and disease, hair loss can also be caused by stress, hormonal or nutritional and can be episodic.

Without doubt, if you want to find out the causes on your own, you can easily see you might have to change your diet or lose more hair. It is complex and there are too many treatments for you to try to take care of it yourself. That is why we recommend going to a doctor or professional help for assistance.

Before you begin trying to turn your female hair loss causes around, it is a good idea to consult a physician who is a specialist in diagnosing and treating the underlaying condition. There are any of number of reasons for hair thinning and it is possible that you are unknowingly doing it to yourself with your choice of diet. The underlying cause has to be determined.

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