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There are many different varieties of short hairstyles and haircuts. One variety that is a variation on the standard short haircut is short layered hair. Some people think to have layers, your hair has to be long but this is not the case, even short haired individuals can have short layered hair. Another variation of short layered hair includes long layers and medium layers. The varying lengths of layers can be found in short hairstyles, which means one person can have overall short hair but it can look longer due to graduated layers that have more length in them (or varying lengths).

Layered haircuts come in a variety of styles. When one chooses to have a layered haircut it is important to make sure the layers will be complementary to your hair type. One would not want layers that make hair too thin or too thick but may want layers that provide a flexible middle ground. Remember, ask your stylist if the haircut is appropriate for your facial features and your particular hair type (thin, thick, average).

One popular short layered hairstyle is the bob. The bob can be cut at an even length or layers can be added to offer a variation on the style. This style probably allows for the most variation in the length of the layers. The deciding factor for the length of the layers is how short you want your hair overall. Remember to ask your stylist for opinions on the different varieties if you are uncertain of which layered bob would look good on you.

The razor cut is another short layered hairstyle. The razor cut offers a choppy look which can have layers added for variable lengths. Layers add a more textured, voluminous look to the style. In the razor cut, a razor is used to cut the hair as well as shape it at the ends. Sometimes scissors are used and a razor is used to shape the ends. The style may not be for everyone – especially if you have fine hair. This style does tend to thin out the look of your hair. Make sure to ask your stylist if this is an appropriate cut for you.

A pixie cut can also have layers in it. A pixie cut is short to begin with but with variation it can have short to long layers. Keep in mind that with really short hair, your facial features will be accentuated. If you do not feel comfortable with that then these short layered hair cuts may not be for you.

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