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For people with a round face, usually the main goal of styling their hair is to create dimensions in the face and to create the illusion of a longer thinner face. This is not as impossible as it seems, simply choosing one of the following hair styles for round faces can go a long way in creating the look you are aiming to achieve. Giving you a look that turn eyes and faces.

Short hair cuts and styles can be a good option for you. The plus of having short hair is it is simple to manage and easier to keep healthy, however it is important to keep it trimmed to keep your style fresh. Adding volume at the top of your head by using short layers or feathered bangs can really help elongate your face. Using an off-center part makes your style look even more chic and add dimension to your face.

Long hair naturally elongates your face, so spending the time and money to keep your long hair healthy and fresh can pay off in the long run. Keep your split ends conditioned and try to hold off on using too many products near the scalp, as this can weigh your hair down and make it look unhealthy. Adding a center part to your long hair can help lengthen your face as well, but at the same time, an offset fringe (think emo hairstyles) can also make your face look thinner. Concentrate on adding dimensions and layers around your chin to elongate your face-adding highlights framing your face can also achieve this effect.

When wearing your hair up, it is a good idea to pay attention to how your face looks with all your hair pulled back. Usually having all your hair away from your face can draw more attention to the roundness of your face, so it is best to let a few pieces of your hair fall free and frame your face. Having wavy wisps of hair around your face draws attention to your eyes, not your face, so once your hair is pulled up you can attempt to create waves with a curling iron.

Some styles to avoid would be chunky bangs and bobs cut near your chin or cheeks, as these could greatly emphasize the roundness of your face. Remember that keeping your hair healthy and regularly maintained goes a long way for anyone who is looking for that perfect hairstyle.

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