Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be very annoying for both men and woman so I’ve written the following article to explain why this happens and hopefully give you a few suggestions which may prevent or minimise this from happening in the future. I hope the following article helps.

Ingrown hairs can happen to both sexes and this happens after shaving or waxing. This is when a hair grows back after being removed and gets stuck under the skin and fails to reach the skins surface. The air then curls back under the skin and create a red pump which can cause pain and generally can become unattractive. Approximately 70% of people will be affected by this in their lifetime.

The solution

People often advise to use a hair formula that’s tough on the ingrown hairs but easy on your skin (which can become sore from trying to remove ingrown hairs). A formula or cream which can be used long term is the best options. If you decide that a formula or cream is the best options I would consider the following things-

• Does it have long-term efficacy?
• Does it have residue?
• Is it alcohol free? Alcohol based creams can damage your skin
• Will it also nourish your skin?
• It is a non-sting formula? (this is going to go on sensitive areas so it must not hurt)
• Is it dough on ingrown hairs?

Does it have the following key ingredients?

• Salicylic Acid?
• Aloe Vera?
• Mentha Piperita?

Go on, get a new you today!

Joan Smith purchased her cream from Feel Unique

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