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2011 will see some interesting hair colors applied to women’s hairs and this year, it seems, funky is in. Coloring your strands is probably the fastest way ever to update your looks. Also it’s much cheaper than shopping for new clothes accessories. With different hair colors everyone will notice you and many will even try to imitate your style!

So here are some of the best hair color ideas for 2011 for the modern women of today.

Vegetable colors

Vegetable colors are allowed to only contain vegetable extracts in order to create the composition. It is something like henna, however the materials are different. If you want to use such colors but don’t want to leave them in forever, you can easily use these as they are fading away after about eight shampoo sessions.

Skin tones

Skin tones are perfect to compliment any skin type. For example if you are light sensitive, a dark hair style simply doesn’t go so well with your type. Also a nicely tanned skin will go perfectly with chestnut or various honey tones. Always check that the color you are applying to your hair actually matches your skin tone, and you’re good to go.

Red tones

Red is in again and it’s quite easy to achieve that red hair look. As a matter of fact, for 2010 it was the most requested hair color type, based on the feedback of various hair stylists. It is a very sexy shade, one that commands attention right away.

Black tones

Easiest of all colors to achieve simply because the molecules in black are larger than that of other colors, so no matter your original color, black will stick to it quite nicely and for a long time. Black usually gives a quite mysterious and enigmatic look to the face that is so appealing to many.

Blond tones

Blond is usually the most difficult color to achieve, particularly if you’ve already had some permanent colors applied to your hair before. Especially affected by this is trying to apply very light blond tones. The reason is because strong heat as well as direct sunlight will adversely affect it by make it fade quite fast. One way to go about it is by adding at first darker shades that stick and then going lighter a few treatments later. And most of all avoid strong bleaches as they usually destroy the hair cuticles and follicles quite fast and you’ll have a hard time trying to first restore your mane to its original health.

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