Hair Removal Laser

Today, you can find certain laser hair removal machines manufactured for personal use at home. Though most of the machines are competent and come with elaborate instructions, you should be extremely careful while using them.

It is highly recommended that knowledgeable professionals, whether they are dermatologists or technicians, handle the hair removal procedure. They have the know-how and the expertise using the machines to get optimum results. Furthermore, they can perform the task relatively risk free, and they are well equipped to reduce pain should it occur.

Advancement in technology has guaranteed laser hair removal machines that are versatile enough to cater to most hair removal problems. They are user friendly and can be used at home. Timepeel is one of those machines. It is a new “microdermabrasion” system that operates through the most modern technology by using a natural diamond material. Timepeel is a valuable solution for clients with large pores, chapped skin and fine wrinkles, as well as for improvement of the skin pigmentation.

Another highly popular home laser machine is The Vector machine that has many advantages over other modes of hair removal treatments, like electrolysis. During electrolysis, the patient has to hold a gel-covered rod. However, with the Vector machine an electrode patch is applied to any part of body before hair removal treatment.

Though home laser hair removal machines are improving every day and are more user-friendly and safe, it is prudent to pay extra and have a professional do the work. You make the choice.

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