When applied professionally and correctly, hair extensions can help to instantly give your hair life and give your image the edge you desire. However, this look will only last if you ensure that your hair extensions are given the care and maintenance they require. Maintenance will not only keep your extensions looking great for as long as possible, but it will also help to make your extensions a great investment.

For many, their hair is their best accessory-something which can instantly alter their appearance whether they change the cut, colour or way in which it has been styled. However, by investing in hair extensions, you can change the length, volume and texture of your hair, creating an even more on-trend and edgy appearance.

The current trend in extensions at the moment is real hair extensions. Although synthetic extensions are favoured by some due to the ease of application and lower costs, real hair offers the wearer much more in terms of finish and versatility. However, just as must look after your own hair to keep it looking great, the same can be said for your real hair extensions. This means that your extensions will require regular cleaning, conditioning and so forth, but your extensions will require a more gentle hand in order to keep them secure.

As new application techniques do not require the extensions to be applied to the scalp instead, applying them around 1cm away from the scalp; this helps to eliminate the level of damage caused to the natural hair and help to promote the healthy growth of your natural hair. However, as a result of this, the extensions do not benefit from the natural oils within the hair, causing them to become dry and possibly break. For this reason, regular conditioning is essential, especially on the ends to keep the hair soft and nourished.

One of the main misconceptions about hair extensions is that they will cause irreparable damage to your natural hair, but this is not the case. Hair extensions can cause damage to the natural hair, but only when they are applied incorrectly, the hair is uncared for and if the extensions were applied with a damaging technique; for example, using glue. In other instances, the hair may become damaged if an inexperienced extension specialist has applied them. However, one of the main reasons why an individual may experience damage to their hair will stem from improper care of their extensions.

Once your extensions are applied, your stylist will give you advice as to the types of products, etc to use in order to prolong their life. However, should you opt to ignore this; your extensions may become dry and brittle, may become tangled or could fall out. Proper care will not only ensure that they look great for as long as possible, but it will also ensure that your extensions stay in your hair for 5 months or even longer. Be gentle with washing, drying and styling your hair will help eliminate tangling or matting of the hair which will make them easier to manage and style into your desired look.

However, one of the main ways in which you can ensure that your extensions will look great for as long as possible, is to turn to a professional extension specialist who will apply them correctly. Your stylist will take into consideration your lifestyle, style preferences and any colour requirements you may have in order to create a stunning and off-the-catwalk look that you will love. In order to keep your look for as long as possible, they will also offer you sound advice and products which will help to care for your new hair.

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