Hair Spray

Hairspray used to be offered in many different brands but only one hold-stiff! Now we have hairspray for all different types of hair from fine to thick as well as the amount of control you want for your style. It can be used to control the “frizzies”, keep every hair in place or just hold your style’s shape while allowing you hair to stay soft and touchable.

There are times when you want hairspray to keep your style perfect, such as an important social function where it is essential that your hair is perfect. But for the past couple of decades women have wanted more than just holding power. New formulas have been developed that allow you to control your hair while leaving it soft and flexible. The trend back to more natural looks inspired the hairspray industry to develop products that feel and look as if you’re not using hairspray. The product is easier to wash out and even has nutrients and conditioners added to make your hair healthier.

Hair thickening spray is also a newer development and can be fun to work with. You can spray your hair then bend your head over to blow dry the hair. The final result is an 80’s “poof” look which is becoming somewhat of a trend. You can use this spray to crimp or curl the hair around your finger to make curls. Thickening spray is great for those of us with very fine or thinning hair and helps give fullness without looking artificial.

Hair curl spray is helpful when you want your curls to stay for awhile. It prevents the hair from relaxing and losing the curls. Whether you use a curling iron, rollers or bobby pins to get your curls you’ll want to spray them quickly once your hair is arranged.

You can use light hairspray for a bouncy, natural look or heavier hairspray for a perfect style. You can visit  to explore all the different types of hairspray available and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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