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The cold season usually brings us good things, like Christmas, but also some other things, which are not so good, like, for instance, the cold. Red noses, frozen ears, cold feet and hands are some of winter’s nasty tricks on us and we must take care to protect ourselves properly against them. Fur caps are among the most important protecting items of the season, given that, on cold weather, we can lose up to 10% of our body heat through our head.

But, although an obligatory item if we want to keep away headaches or earaches, fur caps are not always unpleasant. From casual to fashion winter hats, from trapper or Russian hats to turtle beanies or bobble hats or mere earmuffs and headbands, they all can be used to our advantage. They could be the best accessories to emphasize our style and figure and express our personality.

What about our hair and hairdo? Although somewhat left in the background by our glamorous head-wear, our hair must not be completely forgotten. It needs protection against the frost, like any other part of our body, otherwise it will become fragile and dull. But, on the other hand, it shouldn’t be completely tucked under our caps, or it will look shapeless and flat when the glam cap is removed. Moreover, a fur cap that is too tight and does not let our head skin breathe can cause irritation and redness.

Consequently, we have to try and find a way to reconcile our needs to be protected against cold, to look stylish in our fur caps and to take care of our hairdo and head skin. We must find the caps that best fit our hair style and do not hide the good looks of our coiffure. Also, we should choose a haircut that makes the most of our locks, braids or fringes from under our head-wear.

There are quite a number of tricks to help your hair during the cold season, like using moisturizing products to prevent a dry and static hair, applying various head skin massage solutions to revitalize our hair roots, choosing more vivid hair colors to escape winter gloom. Any decision must be taken with care and all choices must be made with a sense of responsibility for our hair, which is alive and yearns for our protection.

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