2011 Hair Styles

Spring is just around the bend and everybody’s excited for the anticipated leap forward, but more than that it’s telling us to shake off the winter blues. And what better way to do that than to smarten up your style with a new hairstyle?

Now you don’t really have to rush into a drastic change without consulting somebody in-the-know just to update your looks. Your hair cut and style or even your hair color is as important as when you go for a new wardrobe, so consult your hairdresser. They would be in the best position to advise you on what will look good with the type of hair you have, face shape and skin tone.

Spring hairstyles for women call for excellent cuts that show off soft layers and wispy fringes for easy and versatile hair styles. It’s the perfect time to bring out that soft feminine look to complement open necklines, flowing floral fabrics and silky smooth pastel makeup apt for the season.

It seems straightener is temporarily relegated to the drawer, at least until after the sunny seasons; soft textures and curls rule and will most likely dominate the hair waves in the following months. It’s all about that carefree, natural look with plenty of texture and not as much hair products.

Here are some basic guides to get that trendy new look:

Sassy Short Hair

This season, shorter hairstyles are a study in contradiction; an amazing blend of soft and sharp, if you want to put it that way, with a touch of the playful and the rebellious. Most women seem afraid of short hair because they’re quite unsure that they wouldn’t end up with blunt cut and straight edges. But if it’s done right, you’d end up with the trendiest short hair style.

How to get the right style: Hair should be shorter on the sides and longer through the top with lots of volume. Ask your hair stylist to create choppy, asymmetrical layers on top. This will ensure that hair doesn’t lie flat to the head and has slight volume. Sweeping fringes or heavy bangs that taper from shortest to longest in a left-to-right fashion, add a delicate finish to an edgy look. This style also allows you to wear your hair all brushed forward, swept to one side or parted and tucked behind the ears.

Sexy Mid Length or Shoulder Length

An all-one-length hair looks boring and dull; and there’s a chance that it won’t frame your face as it should. So avoid it at all cost. Layers are still very much in and they generally give your hair that bouncy movement, glossy shine and silky smoothness.

How to get the right style: Have your hair stylist add longer layers at the back with shorter strands in front to better frame your face. Give firm instruction not to over-layer though, as this can result to hair getting a tad too wispy and thin at the bottom, and may create “fly-away” strands.

If your hair is on the thin side or you have very fine strands, use volumizing shampoo and only apply conditioner at the tips. For extra lift, apply volumizing product to the root and scalp area and briskly massage with your fingertips in an upward direction. You can either air-dry your hair for messy but sexy look or blow-dry straight with a paddle brush. Complete the style with some squirts of hairspray for added texture and volume.

Chic Long Looks

The good thing about long hair is there are dozens of ways you can style it whether you have natural waves and curls or very straight long hair.

How to get the right style: Rather than taking off a uniform length, your hairstylist should trim and shape in layers to frame your face better. Layers give the illusion of lighter look.

If you have wavy or curly long locks, wear it loose and relaxed with long tumbling waves. With the classic model center parting, the “just-from-the-beach” look provides a carefree, chic and sexy appearance. You can still sport this hair style even if you have straight hair by following these simple steps:

* Blow-dry and section your hair
* Twist into ringlets and secure with hairclips; then, allow to cool
* Remove grips and gently run your fingers through the tresses

Spring 2011 hairstyles will see a resurgence of one sided braids and side plaits. This hair style is very easy to create. First, apply a texturizing or styling product that provides soft hold. Then sweep hair to one side and plait loosely, securing the bottom with a natural colored band. Run your fingers over the braid and tease out the short bits to create a messy but playful finish.

Up-do is still a hit in hot 2011 long hair styles that include the classic ballerina buns. But loose buns are also chic and sexy and easy to do, too. Buy a hair donut from a dance shop. Pull your hair into a pony tail and secure with a naturally colored elastic band. And don’t worry about making it perfect – messy looks great! Thread the hair through the donut and wrap your hair around it. Use a few hair grips to hold it in place.

Take the hint from the catwalks this spring and hug your hair’s natural texture. Go for 2011 spring hairstyles that bring out the essence of a woman: simplicity and femininity.

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