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We have all witnessed our favourite celebrities displaying their cute and short locks on the red carpet only to see them again in a newspaper a few days later, sporting long and gorgeous tresses and scratch our heads as to how that is even possible. We may come to the conclusion that they have the money and therefore, the resources to purchase tablets that aid in quick hair growth; or may come to the conclusion that they are a closet wig-wearer. However, in almost every case, the celebrity in question will have invested in great, high quality hair extensions.

There are a number of different types of hair extension on the market at the moment, the most common being synthetic, natural and clip in extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are faux hair pieces which will have been coloured and styled into a certain look before they are attached to the wearer’s natural hair. Although these can be a fraction of the cost compared to natural hair extensions, they possess an obvious synthetic feel and in some cases, can look synthetic too. It is for this reason that many extension wearers-both celebrity and mere mortal; opt for natural hair extensions for a finish that looks and feel just like your own hair.

As the different types of natural hair extension have advanced, so have the ways in which they can be attached. One process that is utilised following the trends of African-American stylists is the weaving of the extension with the wearer’s natural hair. This provides the wearer with an instant full and long appearance and is a relatively simple process to adopt. The extensions are applied similar to hair pieces, and can be either braided in or attached in another manner. Although the use of glue was widely used a few years ago, as this can cause damage to the natural hair or even hair loss; fewer salons are utilising this form of attachment.

Newer processes include fusion bonding, which uses keratin to bond the extension to the wearer’s natural hair. Not only does this eliminate the natural hair from being pulled while the extensions are being worn, but it also dramatically cuts the amount of damage that can be caused as the extensions are removed. Using a solution, the bonds will simply dissolve when they require replacing, leaving no residue or trauma to the natural hair. It is for this reason that many celebrities love the new trends in hair design as they can reap the benefits of instant, long hair, whilst still caring for their natural hair.

An additional benefit of investing in natural hair extensions is that you can treat them just like your own hair. When infamous extension wearer Cheryl Cole opted to dye her hair red for a dramatic change, she was able to colour her extensions also, allowing for a seamless change for her hair. In the event that you wish to change the colour of your extensions it is always advisable to consult with your stylist first or before you have your extensions applied, enquire about investing in pre-coloured extensions. With up to 3 different shades applied throughout your hair, your colour – and your hair will look glamorous, natural and truly stunning.

So, for the latest in celebrity hair and beauty trends look into hair extensions. If it’s good enough for the celebs, then surely it’s good enough for you too!

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