Short Hair Styles

Beautiful hair comes in all styles – both short hair and long hair need the proper nutrition to maintain a beautiful healthy look and bounce. Shorter hair may be easier to manage than much longer hair, but short hair does require special attention to maintain its health.

Short hair often requires more product – like gels, sprays, mouse, or other products to make your hair work for you throughout the day. Women with short hair often report combing and adding product more frequently than those with longer locks. Many reasons vary for this, but much of stems for women with longer hair simply wearing their hair in a particular manner that prevents them from combing through their hair frequently throughout the day.

There are many benefits for women with short hair. Short hair maintenance has the ability to prevent many points in the cuticle where split end can actually develop when comparing to longer hair. Also, because shorter hair dries faster, there is often less need for extensive blow drying and heat applications. Heat destroys the hair cuticle for the life of the hair.

Yet, short hair tends be more susceptible to damage from products, styling, and products that are used to maintain particular styles. If you have short hair and would like to maintain that healthy bounce, skip out on the gooey gels and invest in a great hair vitamin with particular ingredients including biotin.

Biotin is proven to trigger hair growth in the body and support healthy skin and nails too. Biotin deficiency is common in our western diet but is absolutely essential for many important functions in the body. A biotin supplement can help get your biotin levels back to normal and promote healthy hair, skin, and nail growth.

Biotin is a vitamin that was discovered back in the the 1940s. It is also known as Vitamin H and has some very good properties that support other functions in the body. For example, biotin helps process the fat we eat. Without it, our bodies wouldn’t know what to do with fat. Another powerful function is that it helps stabilize our blood sugar after every time we eat. Biotin also helps get rid of free radicals or toxins in our bodies through a process called aerobic aspiration. Much of the toxins you breath out every time you exhale is due to biotin working hard behind the scenes.

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