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Curly hair comes in many different shapes and sizes. From loose, beachy ringlets to tight corkscrew curls, there are a wide variety of hair cuts for curly hair to suit everyone. Picking the right type of hair cut depends on personal preferences as well as curl type. Most importantly, seek out a stylist with experience cutting curly cuts. Many stylists are specially trained to handle curly hair, which is very different from straight hair in texture and behavior. Going to the right hair stylist is important. Your satisfaction could depend on how much you invest in the quality of service.

A longer cut is a perennial choice for those with loose to medium curls. A long, hair cut showcases the natural curl of the hair. Adding layers will remove bulk from the hair without sacrificing length by allowing curls to nestle into one another. Longer cuts are also perfect for people whose hair tends to lose its curl when cut short. Long cuts are also ideal for anyone who wants a feminine, romantic hair cut. Your options are greater than with someone with short hair. Be careful not to cut in a unique style.

Medium length cuts work well with any type of cuts, from loose waves to tight ringlets. Just like with a longer cut, layers are key to keeping hair from looking bushy. A shoulder length bob is a classic option for curly cut folk. Try it with some shorter, face framing pieces to make the cut even more dynamic. One word of caution, however: curly hair dries shorter, so pay special attention to the length when getting a hair cut.

Short cuts can be some of the most fun and dynamic for curly hair. Tight corkscrew curls have enough natural body to make a short cut really stand out. However, shorter cuts can often look shapeless or messy without some serious structure and planning. A stylist should take into account the hair’s natural texture and curl shape when planning a short cut. With proper planning, a curly bob is a flirty fashion statement. Try a graduated bob with face-framing curls, or even a super short halo of ringlets for the fashion-forward.

Curly-haired men also have some good options when it comes to hair styles. With a classic short crop or a longer cut which showcases the hair’s natural texture, a little frizz-fighting pomade will create a nice, finished look.

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